Biographies of Shakespeare


John Aubrey

"Life of Mr. William Shakespear" (c. 1690). Probably the earliest account.

Nicholas Rowe

"Some Account of the Life, &c. of Mr. William Shakespeare" (1709). As a preface to the first volumes of Rowe's editions.

Augustine Skottowe

The Life of Shakespeare (1824), two volumes

vol I     vol II

Charles Knight

James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps

Henry N. Hudson

Shakespeare: His Life, Art, and Characters  (1872), two volumes

vol I   vol II


Karl Elze

William Shakespeare: A Literary Biography, trans. L Dora Schmitz (1888)

Charles Symmons

The Life of William Shakespeare (1854), preceding the English translation of Nicolaus Delius's one-volume edition

Thomas De Quincey

Nathan Drake

Shakspeare and HIs Times, 2 vols. (1817)

vol I   vol II