First New Variorum Project


1871-1955, 27 volumes.

In the late nineteenth century, Horace Howard Furness (1833-1912) and others thought it necessary to revive the concept of the variorium in Shakespeare studies, but thought the method would be improved if each play had its own exhaustive edition with text and commentary. He oversaw the enterprise along with his son, Horace Howard Furness Jr. (1865-1930).

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The photograph shows Mr. Furness in his study at Lindenshade, his home in Wallingford, PA, c. 1900.  


v1901 TN [13] ed. Furness Sr.

v1904 LLL [14] ed. Furness Sr.

v1907 Ant. [15] ed. Furness Sr.

v1908 R3 [16] ed. Furness Jr.

v1913 JC [17] ed. Furness Jr.

v1913 Cym. [18] ed. Furness Sr.

v1919 Jn.[19] ed. Furness Jr.


v1928 Cor. [20] ed. Furness Jr. (snippet)

v1936 1H4 [21] ed. Hemingway (full view)

v1938 Poems [22] ed. Rollins (full view)

v1940 2H4 [23] ed. Shaaber (preview)

1944-55 (previews)

v1944 Son.v1 [24] ed. Rollins

v1944 Son.v2 [25] ed. Rollins (snippet)

v1953 Tro. [26] ed. Hildebrand

v1955 R2 [27] ed. Black