First Arden 1899-1924


First multi-editor series of individual plays

Methuen published the First Arden, with the text based on the Globe-First Cambridge edition of the canon (1864 / 1891-93), eds. William George Clark and John Glover.  The series editors were William James Craig, the editor of the First Oxford (1891), and R. H. Case, who was co-general editor of Methuen's multivolume Marlowe (1930-33).


ARD1 Ham. (1899), ed. Dowden

ARD1  Rom. (1900),  ed. Dowden

ARD1 Lr. (1901), ed. Craig

ARD1 JC (1902), ed. Macmillan

ARD1  Tmp. (1902), ed. Luce

ARD1 Cym. (1903), ed. Dowden

ARD1 Oth. (1903), ed. Hart

ARD1 H5 (1904) ed. Evans

ARD1 AWW (1904), ed. Brigstocke

ARD1 LLL (1904), ed. Hart

ARD1 MWW (1904), ed. Hart

ARD1 Tit. (1904), ed. Baildon


ARD1 MND (1905), ed. Cuningham

ARD1 MM (1905), ed. Hart

ARD1 Tim. (1905), ed. Deighton

ARD1 Shr. (1905), ed. Bond

ARD1 MV (1905), ed. Pooler

ARD1 TGV (1906), ed. Bond

ARD1 TN (1906), ed. Luce

ARD1 Ant. (1906), ed. Case

ARD1 Tro. (1906), ed. Deighton


ARD1 Jn. (1907), ed. John

ARD1 Per. (1907), ed. Deighton

ARD1 Err. (1907), ed. Cuningham

ARD1 R3. (1907), ed. Thompson

ARD1 1H6 (1909), ed. Hart

ARD1 2H6 (1909), ed. Hart

ARD1 3H6 (1910), ed. Hart


ARD1 Poems (1911), ed. Pooler

ARD1 Mac. (1912), ed. Cuningham

ARD1 R2 (1912), ed. John 

ARD1 WT (1912), ed. Moorman

ARD1 AYL (1914), ed. Holme

ARD1 1H4 (1914), eds. Cowl & Morgan


ARD1 H8 (1915), ed. Pooler

ARD1 Son. (1918), ed. Pooler

ARD1 Cor. (1922), ed. Craig & Case

ARD1 2H4  (1923), ed. Cowl

ARD1 Ado (1924), ed. Trenery